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Every projector’s lamp dims at some point, indicating the need for replacement. Replacing projector lamps is important to ensure efficient use of the projector. At Projector Lamp Centre, we supply high-quality replacement projector lamps that meet the needs of your projector. Whether you are looking for a replacement lamp for your Epson Projector, BenQ Projector, Optoma Projector, or Panasonic Projector, you can rely upon us for all your needs. We are proud suppliers of genuine projector lamps of all leading brands.

We source lamps from manufacturers and wholesalers for over 6,000 projector models to ensure that our customers get the best possible deal on all our projector lamps. Our sales team has been experienced in selling projector lamps and well trained giving you peace of mind with the best technical advice and service.

We offer a 12 month warranty on all projector lamps and most lamps are delivered the next business day.

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What is the Difference Between a Lamp and a Bare Lamp?

The bulb plus the cage or housing is called a lamp module or lamp; most manufacturers product is supplied as a “lamp module” for quickness and ease of installation.

If you own a multimedia LCD or DLP projector, you will know that replacing the projector lamp is something that sooner or later you will need to do. Since projector lamps can be expensive, it is important that you have the most accurate and up to date information about projector and TV lamps before you buy. Contact us to discuss the best option for your projector.

Genuine original bulb
Empty housing
original Lamp with housing

Bare Lamp or Bulb

A bare lamp is a bulb. Bulbs are available for customers if you want to replace the bulb inside by yourself and reuse your existing lamp housing. The main benefit of this option is a considerable price reduction compared to a lamp module. Original projector lamps come from manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Iwasaki, Phoenix, Panasonic or Matsushita. Your original lamp module will contain a projector bulb made by one of these manufacturers.

What is the Difference Between a Genuine Lamp (OEM), Original Bulb Inside Lamp and Compatible Lamp?

What is a
“Genuine Lamp”

A genuine projector lamp consists of the original bulb and original housing. It is exactly the same projector lamp as the lamp inside of a brand new projector. The whole lamp is assembled and produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). There are only a few manufacturers that can produce these lamps such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki, Epson, Panasonic and Matsushita. These lamps are designed for optimum performance with their patented technology.

What is an
“Original Bulb Inside Lamp”

An original bulb inside lamp consists of the original bulb and generic housing. It uses original bulbs supplied directly from the major bulb manufacturers, such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki, Epson, Panasonic and Matsushita. Lamp quality and performance is claimed to be the same as the lamp module supplied by the projector manufacturer.

What is a
“Compatible Lamp”

When you see the term “compatible” it means the lamp module has been manufactured by someone other than the manufacturer of your projector. A study of compatible lamps , funded by Philips, found that ANSI lumen values averaged 32% lower (than Philips lamps) in compatible lamps. However, compatible lamp modules may provide good value. You can expect the lamp module to fit into your projector exactly like the original. In most cases you will have a projector that performs well even if it does not have the same lumen output of the original. 

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